Puppy's First Visit
We encourage owners to start having their pets groomed as soon as
possible. The earlier they are exposed the better they will acclimate and
accept the grooming process. During your puppies first session, they will get
a nice warm bath and dry, nails trimmed and ears cleaned. We will also
expose them to the clipper vibration by clearing hair from their feet pads and
sanitary areas. We will then attempt to cut hair away from their eyes. We
refer to this process as a "Face, Feet and Sani".
If your pet adapts easily to this process we can then proceed to a light
trimming of the body if that is your desire. We will use our experience to
determine whether it is best to proceed or end the session before attempting
a trim we may be unable to complete. Grooming should be fun for your pet,
not a stressful event.

Your First Visit
We groom by appointment only so that we can ensure your pet gets our full
attention. It is very important that you arrive on time for your appointment so
we do not feel rushed to meet our next appointment. If we are less stressed
so is your pet. To avoid additional fees, it is also important that you are
available to have your pet picked up immediately following your pets session
as we do not have cages for your pets to wait for you to arrive. We will give
you an estimated time when you bring your pet in.

De-matting is a tedious process to both the pet and the groomer. There are
additional costs to de-mat your pet. If the mats are in a few isolated areas
and your pet can tolerate it we will work them out, but if the mats are many
we will recommend starting over and trimming the coat to the skin line.
We will not put a pet through unnecessary pain and stress of trying to save
a coat that is too far gone. If the coat is severely matted and it takes longer
than normal to remove it, there may also be additional fees.
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