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Robin and Marilyn never imagined the impact the place they opened
in 2006 would have on them and their community. We are so proud of
what it has become. We are firm believers in
Karmic Law, 'what you
put out into the universe, returns in folds'. We are very blessed to have
the best customers (human and pet) and the best staff to serve them.
The photos you see throughout our site are those of our loyal
customers and staff.
We know how much pets enrich our lives and our dedication to their
health and longevity is what led Marilyn and Robin to open Pawsitive
Karma in 2006. We believe there is a direct link between the illnesses
and diseases plaguing our pets today and their current environment.
From allergies and skin conditions to cancer, their are alternative and
supportive therapies available. We offer nutrition counseling and help
find options that fit your lifestyle. We've sought out products that you
can feel comfortable using on and around your pet and family. We
value your desire to keep you canine and/or feline family member(s)
healthy and happy for as long as possible.
We're located at
2821 Castro Valley Blvd.
in Castro Valley
Wholistic wellness center aimed at
providing the best available natural products
and services for the health and well being
of your cats and dogs. As partners
with you, we value your desire to
help extend the
length and quality of your companions life.
For that reason we carry a variety of products to help keep them
healthy inside and out. Nutrition, Services, Supplements, Remedies,
etc., we offer choices.
We specialize in
nutrition & skin-care