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2821 Castro Valley Blvd.
Castro Valley
Robin and Marilyn never imagined the impact the store they
opened in 2006 would have on them and their community.
We are so proud of what it has become. We are firm
believers in Karmic Law, 'what you put out into the universe,
returns in folds'. We are very blessed to have the best
customers (human and pet) and the best staff to serve them.
We look forward to serving them for years to come.

Alexandra (aka Alex) works in the boutique and in the spaw
as much as she can. She will assist you with pet nutrition
and the products we carry. She's often caught giving the pets
in the spaw a tender chin scratch as she walks by. She lives
in Oakland with her boyfriend and her toy poodle mix Tigger,
Yorkie Milo and 3 cats.

Michelle has been grooming since she was 19 years old.
We wont say how long thats been :) She loves cats and dogs
and has dedicated her career to making them feel and look
good. She is a bit shy until she gets to know you. Michelle
lives in Hayward with her boyfriend James and her nephew
and has a dog named Moonsa.

Nikki grew up in her mothers grooming salon and has
25+ years experience. She always has a smile to share and
boundless energy. She loves grooming and can't imagine
doing anything else. In her spare time she also has a
passion for making dog clothes and costumes. Nikki
resides in Salida  with her husband and four dogs, DC,
Nipper, Mia and Mabeline.

Roxanne has been grooming since 2007. She works at
Pawsitive Karma part time and at a local vet as well. She is a
quiet and reserved person. She lives in Castro Valley with
several Japanese Chins.

Annikka started out as a dog trainer which has been very
helpful to her as a groomer. She is gentle and sweet. She
has no dogs of her own yet so she truly enjoys those she is
grooming. She lives in Dublin and is engaged to her high
school sweetheart.